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Draining Your Pool To Manage CYA Levels is a Thing of the Past with GSG's Cyanuric Acid Remover!

Cyanuric Acid (CYA) is a widely used chemical compound in the swimming pool industry. It is added to pool water as a chlorine stabilizer and buffer. CYA helps chlorine to last longer in the pool water by reducing the amount of chlorine that is degraded by the sun's UV rays. However, when CYA levels get too high, it can cause problems with pool maintenance and lead to health issues for swimmers.

The ideal range of CYA in a pool is between 30-50 parts per million (ppm). When the levels go above this range, the chlorine in the pool water becomes "locked-up," which means it is not working at all. This can lead to cloudy water, algae growth, and an increase in bacteria, which can cause waterborne illnesses.

GreenStory Global CYA Remover
GreenStory Global's CYA Remover easily fits in any skimmer basket

There are several options available to pool owners to reduce high levels of CYA. One common method is to partially drain the pool and refill it with fresh water. This method dilutes the CYA levels and reduces the overall amount of CYA in the pool water. However, this method wastes water and may not be allowed in areas with drought conditions.

Another option is to use enzymes or bacteria that break down CYA in the pool water. This method is slow and may not be effective in reducing high levels of CYA. It may also require additional maintenance to ensure that the enzymes or bacteria are working effectively.

GreenStory Global's Cyanuric Acid Remover is a highly effective solution to reduce high levels of CYA in pool water. It is a filter that fits into the skimmer basket, and the pool water passes through it, reducing the CYA levels as it flows. The filter is disposable and can be easily replaced when the CYA levels reach the desired range.

The benefits of using GreenStory Global's CYA Remover include:

• No need to drain the pool or add chemicals that may not be effective.

• Easy to use and install.

• Provides a cost-effective solution to reduce CYA levels in the pool water.

• Reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain the proper sanitation of the pool water.

In conclusion, while CYA is essential in the swimming pool industry, it can become a problem when levels get too high. There are several options to reduce high levels of CYA, but GreenStory Global's CYA Remover is the best solution. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and provides a long-lasting solution to reduce high levels of CYA in pool water. With GreenStory Global's CYA Remover, pool owners can maintain clean, clear water and ensure a healthy swimming environment for their family and friends.


Scott Twichell
Scott Twichell
Mar 05

OK, just added to my skimmer but still confused regarding the flow rate at the skimmer or at the pump? My Inteliflow pump has a minimum speed of 20 gallons per minute. GSG says flow should be 4 to 6 gpm so assume this means through the skimmer basket which is much lower than the pump is running. So I am using the farthest skimmer basket which has a lower flow rate than the one closest to the pump. I haven't looked for a simple flow meter yet but would like to see if my assumptions are correct or not. The restrictions on flow at the skimmers depends on many factors in design and construction. I really do no…


Robert Sutter
Robert Sutter
Jun 21, 2023

I used this product in my skimmer for a week and my cya levels went up 3 ppm. I don’t understand but maybe you can tell me what I did wrong.

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