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Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

Say goodbye to high CYA levels with our GreenStory Global Cyanuric Acid (CYA) Remover! Simply drop the pouch into your pool skimmer and let it work its magic. Our CYA Remover quickly and effectively reduces CYA to the appropriate level, ending chlorine lock without the need to drain your pool!


You do NOT need to drain your pool anymore!

GreenStory Global Pool & Spa Filtration Cyanuric Acid Remover

Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

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Say hello to crystal clear water and optimal sanitation with our GreenStory Global Cyanuric Acid (CYA) Remover!

What is CYA?
Cyanuric acid is a chlorine stabilizer and buffer commonly used in swimming pools. It binds to free chlorine and releases it slowly, extending the time needed to deplete each dose of chlorine sanitizer.

Why does it cause problems?
he more CYA that builds up in your pool, the more chlorine you need to maintain proper sanitation levels. The ideal range of CYA in a typical pool should be 30-50 ppm. Elevated CYA levels can result in "locked-up" chlorine that is not working effectively, leading to an increase in bacteria, algae, cloudiness of the water, and in severe cases, waterborne diseases and illnesses.

How does our CYA Remover work?
Our CYA Remover pouch works by removing CYA through a simple process of adsorption, which allows for the reduction of CYA in the water without draining your pool. The filter media in the pouch has a large surface area and a high binding capacity, resulting in the rapid removal of CYA from the water.

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Curious if it works?

Keys to Success while using our CYA Remover:

  • Switch to liquid chlorine or shock that has no stabilizer in it

  • Run the pump 24 hours a day, or as much as possible (the ability to remove the CYA is based on contact time as the water flows through the pouch)

  • Requires a pump flow of a minimum of 4-6 gallons per minute 

  • Adjust your pH to the proper range of 7.2 - 7.6

  • Use test strips that register at least 200-300 parts per million (ppm) on the high-end range, such as Aqua-Check, Taylor, or LaMotte. Droplet tests and spin lab tests are also great ways to accurately track progress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • It's not convenient for me to put the filter in my skimmer basket. Are there other alternatives? The bag doesn't need to lie flat to work, but it must be fully submerged. Other places you can use the filter include the pump basket, an in-line leaf canister, or inside your cartridge filter housing.

  • Does the filter change the pool chemistry? Other than reducing the CYA by about 10 ppm per week, there is no impact on pool chemistry.

  • Does the pool water need to be a specific temperature? No, the filter works at any temperature.

  • Where is it made? Our products are Made in the USA and shipped nationwide from Indiana. 

  • Is your product patented? Our CYA Remover is PATENT PENDING!

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